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Pool Remodeling

Whether your pool needs a repair or a new look, Double Eagle Pools make the design and remodeling process easy and affordable.  We specialize in revitalizing and updating older pools with custom design services and cutting edge equipment and lighting.  Double Eagle Pools can help you design a beautiful, backyard oasis for you and your family. 


Outdoor Kitchens

outdoor living.jpg

Are you looking to add or update your outdoor kitchen?  Double Eagle Pools can help design a beautiful outdoor kitchen layout, even in small spaces, that provides a fun and functional layout geared towards outdoor entertaining.


Do you hate that aggregate on your patio or the concrete decking around your pool?  Double Eagle Pools can provide a custom concrete overlay to change the texture and color of your patio aggregate or concrete.  A custom overlay can completely update and revitalize an outdoor space or put the finishing touch on a backyard paradise.

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