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Who We Are

This story begins with two friends discussing their many pool renovation projects.  After comparing notes, it became clear that neither they, nor anyone they knew, had ever actually experienced a pleasant pool remodeling project.  The key to the myriad of problems experienced always boiled down to lack of supervision and communication by the pool remodeling contractor.  The two friends asked each other - why is this so hard?  Isn't there a better way?  So they went in search of an expert - someone who had been in the pool remodeling business for many, many years....and suddenly, the idea for Double Eagle Pools was born.  

At Double Eagle Pools, we have already been in your shoes.  We are pool owners and have experienced multiple pool remodels.  We know that choosing a company to remodel your pool is an important decision and a big investment, and we will strive to make the process, from beginning to end, be as professional and pleasant as possible.  

Double Eagle Pools is determined to provide DFW and surrounding areas with the highest quality swimming pool and backyard renovation available.  When you hire Double Eagle Pools, you work with a team that lives in your community and is committed to personal service.  Call us today and let us show you why we are one of the best pool remodeling companies in North Texas.  Schedule a no-obligation consultation to experience our dedicated and reliable service. 

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